First Thoughts (Def Cat)

Picture of Armor display at school demo

Helm and chain making devices


Since learning to fight at age 7, my family and the Church had kept me busy.  At 16 I had travelled across to a new island that Duke William conquered.  My father had urged I go with him since the Church had supported his claim to the throne of England.  There were several times that I had been sent to the nearby island of the Celts called Eire at the Church’s request.  Now, in 1095, a new request has been issued by Pope Urban II, and I am old and desiring retirement.  The age old question is to stay or go.

What to do

I am reminded of an old wise woman’s comments, “If you burn bridges, make sure you cross first.”  I surely have two paths I could take – to retire from my life of fighting for the Church or head out on a new crusade to defend Christendom from the Seljuk Turks.  I have had a life of many successful and lucky campaigns and it is what I know best.  I feel the pull of service but at 46, I am older than too many of the young and inexperienced fighters signing up for this crusade.



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