OK, I’ll Go!! (Def Cat)

Picture of chain hauberk and coif at Medieval Times Florida

Chain hauberk and coif at Medieval Times Florida

Requirements to go:

All my worries for whether I could step away from fighting and turn these reigns over to a younger man centered on whether I could increase my military forces and coffers or I would lose the lands of the barony entrusted me by my King.

What happened:

Again reminded of a wise person’s words; a man this time, I pondered the phrase: “you’ll never have enough manpower, time, or money.” However, a life of Defending the Church’s interests has gained me many friend’s within its influence. To aid in this venture to free Jerusalem and restore the glory of Christ, I was granted a company to command and given a stipend to outfit and transport them with. Now I had enough men to defend my Barony and Christendom; and the money would not have to come from taxing my serfs.

What was wrong:

After announcement of the Crusade, I went to work preparing for my retirement via this Crusade. The problem was that even though I was old, in order to command this company I now had to move (travel to the other side of the world, Far! not Near!).

What Next:

I began my search for where I would be allowed to go and how I would get there. All decisions would have to take into consideration the return trip to my home. In the end, Jerusalem is where I was told to go.

So there I head! There, I’ll go!



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