OK, I’ll go (Disco Cat)

Requirements to go:

All worrying centered first on whether I’d be forced to retire ahead of “my” schedule or be allowed to get “my” timetable back, and at what costs to get that golden date back to what I wanted. Bottom line requirement to stay employed till Dec 2012 was to get a promotion. The test for that promotion was in March 2010 and I had allot going on that month with work and the Iditarod Sled Dog race.

What happened:

I changed my volunteer dates for the Iditarod and studied for the test. The results of my test came out in June, the promotion was mine and would be awarded to me in September.

What was wrong:

After announcement of the promotion I went to work returning my job to pre-retirement status. The problem was that even though I would retain the job, I now had to move (not at all what I had been promised).

What Next:

I began my search for where I would be allowed to go and what my preferences would be for those choices. All decisions would have to take into consideration the return trip to my home after retirement in dec 2012. In the end, Arizona is where I was told to go.

So there I head! There, I’ll go!



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