Toil and Trouble, Boil and Bubble (Disco Cat)

How to get there?

After finding out where in Arizona I was headed, I decided on a route and mode of transportation. My route would be the ALCAN and mode would be truck, camper, and trailer. Added to the trip would be visits to a huge party of 10,000+ people, visits to my close family, and other relatives and friends in several states. Plus visits to landmarks I had not made it to yet – Mt Rushmore, D.C., Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Roswell.


Camper side view

Right side view of Northern Lite Camper

Bats are interesting and have nothing to do with this blog yet.

Months were spent getting a camper and trailer, with sacrifices made on both acquisition fronts. Then came the needed truck upgrades to handle everything safely.

–I had to learn allot about campers as my knowledge was severely lacking in that department. I talked with experts and spent countless hours on the internet and Craigslist. I checked prices and stats (weights, sizes, and options) for each possible camper. In the end I went with a lighter camper and a six lug tandem axle trailer.

–The truck received much attention in getting it ready. Long story short, it’s getting swaybar, air bags, shocks, wheels/tires, new brakes, and a new hitch. There goes whatever money I had left in the bank, bye-bye $$.

I lined everything up as best I could and have been trying to get it all to fall into place this last month. So far the delays have been small, a day here or there. My departure date is right around the corner and each day I face new challenges to defeat. Till next post – cya.


Poster supporting bats

Poster supporting bats, poster from WDW in Florida.


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