Toil and Trouble, Boil and Bubble pt. 2 (Disco Cat)

Greetings to all,

This topic cannot fit into a single post unless it is a mile long.  I believe that as the reader you deserve a much more manageable set of posts.

Why Toil and Trouble?

Last post on this topic listed a few of the things that I toiled and troubled over…believe me when I say (that was)/(this is) the short version.  However, why toil and trouble as the topic/title?  Many hours were spent trying to figure out what I needed for my mad plan to work.  Reasearch was time consuming and tedious, and also drove my help batty.  I was at times OCD with my internet searches: as I first looked through countless sources to see what I needed, then more sources for where to get those needed parts.  A wild guess of hours spent is as follows:  Camper – 200hrs, Airbags – 45hrs, Tires and Rims – 42hrs, Shocks – 30hrs, , Trailer – 25hrs, Swaybar – 3hrs.  I definitely call that “Toil and Trouble.”  Those were nights and weekends I spent banging my head against the grindstone. Hopefully it will pay off.  Was I insane?  You tell me!

Big Wig Swaybar

Hellwig Big Wig Swaybar





Hellwig Air Bags

Hellwig Air Bags assembled and ready for installation

Why Boil and Bubble?

Has any plan ever worked without changes, often major ones?  The following comment will also be in my Def Cat version of this post, but applies here as well: “A battle is not won by a great plan, but by great preparations.”  All plans get thrown out the window and re-written once the action they were designed for starts.  A few things that tweaked my plans were the shocks not arriving to O’Reillys with all needed components, truck not being completed on time by a setup facility, trailer not having the weight capacity I was looking for due to a small frame, swaybar installation blocked by the superhitch previously installed, and the serpentine belt shredding on me at my welder’s house.  To break a few of these down,  one of the front shocks did not have its hardware and therefore presented me with a challenge to get O’Reillys to get said hardware.  They did do what they could in the time constraints I gave them.  There was nothing I could do about the trailer – good axles (6 lug wheels) but the smaller frame limits their weight bearing capacities – too bad, I’ll load them to the max anyway.

7' x 14' Trailer with Roof Rack

6 lug trailer wheel
6 Lug Wheel/Tire = 5200# Rating

As for the swaybar, it required some work.  First was the fact that two brackets and U-bolts would not fit around the frame due to the long side plates for the SuperHitch being in the way.  Fortunately, there were some available bolt holes on the side plates in the same area that I originally needed for the swaybar.  I contacted the engineers at Hellwig and they said I should be fine using those holes but needed beefier bolts.   After no help at Home Depot, NAPA was used to get the bolts and self-locking nuts.  Nevertheless it took two trips for NAPA to understand I wanted Grade 8 bolts and matching self-locking nuts.  Their bins may have been mixed up, hmmm.


Hindsight is the only sight of mine that can be 20/20.  It remains to be seen if I can see benefits from the long hours of toiling research.  The success of it all may depend on my rigid flexibility, and how I adapt to the changing plans and not succumb to boiling over.

cya,                              Bruce


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