Toil and Trouble, Boil and Bubble (Def Cat)

Guten Noche,

How to get there?

A desert is my destination, a place of Holy significance in Palestine.  Jerusalem must be opened up for us.  To get there with my soldiers and war machines, I would need horses, mules, wagons, ships, and lots of walking.  I will describe later the details of the trip.   But suffice it to say, the Barony has been helpful, with a few worried about me and my Baroness not being here to rule together.  I am mindful of their concerns and will need to keep this trip short so that I may return to help govern the lands entrusted to me by the King.   I did seek their Majesties permission for my fighting pilgrimage, and was given leave for the pilgrimage.


There have been many preparations, a notable one is that my armorer has fashioned me a new helm to wear in combat.  I do send thanks to him, Magnus.  My old helm had been in service for 15 years and the metal was not holding  up anymore, definitely time for a renewed look.

Another angle of helm by Magnus


The wagons also received some work as we thought of ways to get them to carry more.  Well, I’m tired and must be off for tomorrow the wagons will get loaded as much as we can.  Come out and help if you’re not in the fields. 

By for now,



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