The Trip Actual (Disco Cat)

Greetings again! Thanks for checking the blog out!!

Since a modern trip and a medieval trip don’t take up the same resources or time you will find me posting more on my modern trip for the next few weeks. I can travel 8000 miles in three weeks with long stops in between but it would take a month or more in medieval times depending on circumstances..

I have finally hit the road after allot of time tweaking the truck and trailer. Thanks to all who helped and to craiglist, an infinite source of last minute parts. Just don’t ask my help about Tetris or “Rear Differentials” as Travis may go ballistic. Post a comment if you want to hear that story. For my mundane trip I am about to cross an international border and will hopefully have no troubles. See you on the other side.20110729-071506.jpg

Oh, and we have enlisted the help of Bruce Wayne as a driver.



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