First Thoughts (Disco Cat)


I first heard of massive cutbacks at my place of employment and prepared to retire after I heard that those near high year tenure would be on the chopping block.  The planned cuts were wide and deep and I was right in the middle, no way out.  Next was the official notification of impending doom and time for weeping.  It was all over, or was it.

What to do

After the initial shock of the unforseen cutbacks, it was time to plan.  Two bridges must be on my roadmap, neither to be burned yet.  One was to get a much needed promotion and change the game in my favor.  Another was to plan for a new lifestyle and look for a new job.  I pursued both with panic and hope.


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My Birth (Def Cat)

To all who read this missive, I seek to inform you of my origin.  I was born of a devout Christian mother and father.  At a proper age I was sent west to learn fighting skills for defense of the Church.  I seek not to preach doctrine or theology here merely show you who I am.  By the way, I was born in 1050 anno domini.


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Method to Madness 2nd Post (Un Cat)

There are three categories – Uncategorized, Discover, and Defend. 

They will be organized as such: 

  1. Uncategorized will be just that – either applies to all categories or none;
  2. Discover will be a mundane approach to a trip to the deserts of Arizona via Pennsylvania;
  3. Defend will be a period view of the same trip as if it were for the 1st Crusade. 

These posts are not intended to enter into discussions on religious philosophies, doctrines, or beliefs; but to delve into what someone, my persona, would have seen or thought back in the middle ages.  I am searching for facts as best they can be ascertained.


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Discovery (Disco Cat)

Discovery category #1:

I am embarking on a thread this day to discover how much attention I can give this blog as I travel extensively over the next month.  There will be as many posts as I can manage while travelling 10-14 hrs a day in a vehicle.  After I arrive at my destination I’ll continue the posts until my return trip.  Therefore, this blog could last through December 2012.  I urge you to follow along and offer your comments.                         Bruce

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Hello world! 1st Post (Un Cat)

What I’m doing:

Starting my blog on a huge journey to discover and defend.  It should be easy to figure out which is which.  I’ll post more after my tutor briefs me more.   As a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Ill keep one set of posts mostly period in nature which will represent the “Defend” thread and my normal life will be included in the “Discover” thread.


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